Covid-19 safer midways procedures for Daleville Alabama


Every person who enters the fair will have to go through a temperature checkpoint. Anyone with a temperature above 100.1 will not be permitted to the fair

Each of our employees and volunteers will be temperature checked each day if any of them have a temperature above 100.1 they will be quarantined for 10 days all will also be required to wear a face shield or face cover while the fair is open

Each ride is sanitized after each ride and we are not loading at full capacity to be able to control social distancing.

We have also spaced-out are Midway so that there is a minimum of 30 ft of Midway and with and we've now put at least 30 feet between each ride

We also are requiring all food wagons to wipe down all high-touch locations after each visitor we are not allowing Fountain drinks only sealed bottles we also are using ketchup packets and mustard packets versus squeeze bottles and self-serve bottles all concessionaires will be required to wear a face mask while interacting with the public

We are also adding additional hand wash stations throughout the Midway to practice good hygiene

We also have multiple signs throughout the Midway to remind people to social distance as well as members of our staff riding around the Midway remind people to social distance

Each food vendor has sanitizer available for the public

These are all requirements put in place by the CDC for our industry we will be in compliance with the health department as well.

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