Fort Rucker–Wiregrass AUSA chapter celebrates 60 years

Fort Rucker–Wiregrass AUSA chapter celebrates 60 years
The Fort Rucker-Wiregrass chapter of AUSA celebrated its 60th birthday in Daleville on Monday, Oct. 30.Daleville Mayor Jayme Stayton said it was an honor to host the historic birthday of the AUSA chapter."I want to say what an honor it is to have the 60th birthday celebration here in Daleville," Stayton said. "As a mayor whose city economy depends (on) and is affected by Fort Rucker, I want to say thank you for being there for the Army and for being there for the Wiregrass also. By serving the Army, you also are helping Daleville and the surrounding communities. For that, each and everyone of you, I say thank you."The chapter began on July 30, 1957, according to current president Col. (ret.) Jim Muskopf."Sixty years ago today, this chapter was started right here in the Wiregrass to be part of a broader and bigger AUSA national (organization), which was founded only seven years prior to that," Muskopf said. "We have a legacy to be proud of here. Sixty years of continuous service as a chapter, and that didn't come without some hard work and dedication of many, many people, some of which are here today."The chapter's last living charter member, Joe Adams Sr., was recognized for his efforts in starting the chapter and his continued support of the organization.Muskopf also recognized past chapter presidents, officers and board members, thanking them for their part in keeping the chapter going for 60 years.Muskopf said the life of the Fort Rucker-Wiregrass chapter is something to be proud of. When he attended the national meeting of AUSA in early October, he said he missed many chapters that were no longer active. He said he also saw new chapters and those whose member numbers had recently grown."We have a lot to be proud of in this chapter, and I guess my remark for you today, my takeaway, is there was a lot of work and effort to keep this thing continuous for 60 years," he said. "We're very happy and proud that we're celebrating (our 60th) birthday because that wasn't the case for other chapters around the country and around the world, really. AUSA is strong, and we are growing."

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