Message from the Director of Public Safety

On behalf of the City of Daleville, I want to welcome you to the Daleville Department of Public Safety website.  I am William Powell, your new Director of Public Safety, and look forward to humbly serving you.  It is an extreme honor and privilege to serve as the Director of Public Safety for the City of Daleville.  This department will strive to provide police, fire and rescue services that will set the standard throughout the state.  This department will work diligently to fulfill these obligations, while adhering to the following values:  Community Focused, Respect for Each Other, Trustworthy,  and Always Looking to Improve.


As your Director, it is my commitment to provide a professional, well trained, and efficiently managed agency which is dedicated to protecting the lives and property of the citizens of Daleville.  This not only goes for our residents, but our visitors as well.  It is our intention to work together with the Mayor, City Council, community members, and business leaders in an effort to bring about peace and harmony, while addressing any problems facing our city.  Together we will make Daleville the perfect location for families to live, tourists to visit, and businesses to develop and grow.


I am a firm believer in Community Policing and will give 110% to unify our city.  Building upon past successes with community policing, the Daleville Department of Public Safety is committed to a policing philosophy that proactively addresses crime and the fear of crime through shared relationships with citizens and officers in their specific neighborhoods.  This is achieved using proven problem-solving methods and partnerships to elevate the quality of life in our neighborhoods.  Our officers and staff will focus on the key areas which provide the foundation to making Daleville a safer  community.


I invite you to become involved with our department in order to forge a strong, cooperative partnership that is built upon mutual trust and respect.  No police department can solve crime or quality of life issues alone. Effective police-community relationships, communication, and engagement are critical components to our success.  Please take time to learn more about the Department's units and services.  Take advantage of the many opportunities to communicate with us and learn how we can work together.  We look forward to serving you.  Partner alongside us to make Daleville better!


Feel free to stop by my office or contact me at 334-598-4442 or



Chief William Powell

740 S. Daleville Ave * Daleville, Alabama 36322 * 334.598.2345

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